OZ Poodles

Tatyana Zamkovaya

The Poodles - The life of 6 spoiled and loveable poodles

It all started with one red (they're just called that - they are not actually red) poodle puppy that was too hard to resist. Her owners decided to name her Lora, even though later on they should have named her Violet, for her love to eat and get tangled up in violets. One day, her owners decided that she should have puppies with a beautiful black poodle named Shadow. So, Lora met Shadow and by the end of November, 9 lucky and irresistible puppies were born. All born between the very late hours of November 28th and the early hours of November 29th, these puppies had inherited their mother's and father's incredibly adorable looks. Their three owners - Olga, Vlad, and Tatyana - decided to name the biggest one Emma, for she was their favorite at the time, and they decided to name the smallest one Manyunya, which means " The Little One", for he was the only one who needed help eating (but, you wouldn't believe how huge he is now - that's another story though…). So for the next weeks the puppies were all playing outside or inside or trying to jump out of the crates until…

Well, what happened next was… A very mischievous black poodle named Letta jumped out. Now she was the only one out, but that didn't stop anyone of them from trying to go with her. Fortunately, by the time they all got out, they were ready to do stuff outside. One day, some of Tatyana's friends came over and they helped her teach the small puppies how to climb up and down the stairs. All of the puppies eventually got up, but some were scared to go down! By the time that they were being taught how to go up and down the stairs, One cream boy, one black boy, and a black girl were all sold. The next one who left their puppy life with Olga, Vlad, and Tatyana was the huge and shy black boy, Manyunya, who was afterwards named by his new owners, Bijou-Bijou. Everyone at the house missed him very much, but that didn't stop the very sneaky puppies to chew up many things.

Here is a list of some big things that the cute 5 puppies( Emma - the blue one, Valerie - the blue girl, Violette - the black girl, Philippe - the best puppy in the litter, is a cream boy, and Karl - Philippe's cream poodle brother) have eaten while their unsuspecting owners were out:

  • Tatyana's digital camera
  • 3 or 4 phones
  • Many of their books
  • 3 T.V. remotes in a row
  • And also some DVDs

Now here are some interesting things about the puppies (who are now 3 years old). Karl loves to eat and jump on cages - he also loves to be photographed while he is on a cage! Philippe is addicted to bouncy balls and any type of toy-he has tried to eat with a tennis ball in his food dish! Emma can roll over and although she doesn't show it - she loves to play with toys too. Valerie loves to jump, run around, and hide from Philippe in her cage! Violette loves to steal food and chase things around the house. All of the puppies can sit and lie down, but only Emma can roll over, and only Philippe and Violette can give their paws to others - as in to introduce themselves or to shake hands. Oh, I forgot to talk about their mother, Lora. She can jump onto the chair at the dinner table, she can give her paw, and she can sit, as well as lie down like her puppies!

Those are the many interesting things about the 6 poodles that live with their three owners - Olga, Vlad, and Tatyana. I hope you enjoyed learning about the silly things they do and that you'll want a poodle of your own very soon.

Tatyana Zamkovaya